Think Bubble Math: Teacher Feedback

Just wanted to say…  your program is awesome. After many struggles I finally have students who can double numbers mentally!!! Thank you. Great strategy that makes sense to kids. Very happy customer!!

Lois, via email

I teach students in an education support setting and have found it great. The kids picked up the concept very quick. I highly recommend it,

as many of my student are not only special needs but also ESL.

Lisa Meyer, Facebook comment

I am working with a student who has been wiped off by the educational system. When it got to crunch the word dyscalculia was stated... because the teachers had run out of ideas... but here I am giving him oral double digit numbers today, yesterday… AND He can add them mentally!

 I have never witnessed such a sharp, noticeable improvement and he is very pleased with his ability... this is a 12 year old who has never been able to do this!

Lois, via email

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Pretests: Teacher Feedback

Covered excellent range of concepts. Great presentation. Exactly what I needed for beginning of the year.

Amanda, teacher

This was quick and simple to implement, relevant to the curriculum, did not require technology that often doesn't work or requires logins etc. that young children simply cannot cope with, and it didn't make children cry! 

Debra C., teacher

I love how there was only 1-2 Qs on each concept. This seemed to put my class at ease.

Megan, teacher