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Memberships: Teacher Feedback

Fractions Lesson 1:

Fabulous. All my pupils bar one understood this at the end of the series of lessons and said they found it easy!!

Fraction Gadgets: 

UNBELIEVABLY USEFUL. You've got to have it if you are a teacher. It is simply the best visual teaching resource I have ever found. The RESULTS speak for themselves.

Helen, UK

Your multiplication and fraction drill sheets are the most awesome I have ever come across to support students in memorizing and connecting basic math facts.

Comment left on survey

I wanted to provide you with some feedback from a good friend of mine who I referred to your website and materials. 

The worksheets available to my friend on your website have turned one struggling student's attitude and learning around. The student is now actively participating in class and looking forward to maths. No more wagging class, trips to the sick bay or class disruptions.

Tammy, Pilbara

Yes, you may send our resources home!

Need K-6 resources for home-bound students? We want to support teachers at this difficult time, so we permit resources to be emailed to your students at home!

Pretests: Teacher Feedback

This was quick and simple to implement, relevant to the curriculum, did not require technology that often doesn't work or requires logins etc. that young children simply cannot cope with, and it didn't make children cry! 

Debra C., teacher

Covered excellent range of concepts. Great presentation. Exactly what I needed for beginning of the year.

Amanda, teacher

Thank you for such a great resource. It is not too long and quickly gives the teacher a good idea of where the child's understandings and misunderstandings are. It's so good that I've bought extra for each teacher on my year level.

Debra, Year level maths coordinator


Don't waste your hard-earned money:

Other educational publishers are afraid that teachers will rip them off, and so often don't offer any sort of guarantee.

We decided on a different approach. Rather than trying to safeguard our profits, we choose to help and equip teachers and their students with mathematics resources that completely meet their needs.

If you are not delighted with  your purchase in every way, email within 14 days and we'll process a refund right away. [Terms & conditions]

Think Bubble Math: Teacher Feedback

I know you have loads of competition in the marketplace. Believe me I have trialled a few over the years; but I have never witnessed such a sharp, noticeable improvement and he is very pleased with his ability. This is a 12 year old who has never been able to do this mentally!

Lois, via email

Just wanted to say, your program is awesome. After many struggles I finally have students who can double numbers mentally!!! Thank you. Great strategy that makes sense to kids. Very happy customer!!

Lois, via email

I teach students in an education support setting and have found it great. The kids picked up the concept very quick. I also used mini white boards, ten frames and counters. I highly recommend it.

Lisa Meyer, via Facebook