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BlitzIt Mathematics 3: Radar Book (digital version)

BlitzIt Mathematics 3: Radar Book (digital version)

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Year 3 Teacher: do you have a system to teach students the required number facts yet?

Do you have an organised plan to teach these essential facts, starting in week 1?

This is not optional, it isn't merely a "nice to have" feature of your classroom.

The Australian Curriculum - Mathematics stipulates that students should have memorised all addition and subtraction facts, plus the easier multiplication and division facts [ACARA], by the end of Year 3.

Don't you just wish there was a program designed to take the hassles out of achieving that goal?

That's what we thought. But since we couldn't find one anywhere else, we decided to design one ourselves.

BlitzIt Mathematics 3: Radar Book

These are suitable for school purchases only. Minimum order sizes are in place. The current minimum order size is 12 licenses for 12 students.

Principals of small schools should contact us for special pricing. 

What's included:

  • Digital workbooks (1 license per student)
  • Online account for each teacher at our secure members site (we will email each teacher the username and password)
  • Sequenced program of 32 "Sweeps" to develop memorisation of number facts:
    • Term 1: Addition facts
    • Term 2: Subtraction facts
    • Term 3: Easier multiplication & division facts
    • Term 4: Mental strategies
    • Online resources included for each Sweep:
      • Teachers video - recommended teaching approach
      • PowerPoint-based animated lesson to introduce the topic
      • Students video - explanation of the thinking strategy
    • Downloadable digital student workbooks (Radar Books) include:
      • 32 sets of 4 daily practice worksheets (5 Minutes a Day)
        • 4 Year 3 Readiness Tests, one for each term:
          • Year 3 term 1 Readiness Test: diagnostic test of addition facts
          • Year 3 term 2 Readiness Test: diagnostic test of subtraction facts
          • Year 3 term 3 Readiness Test: diagnostic test of easier multiplication & division facts
          • Year 3 term 4 Readiness Test: diagnostic test of mental strategies
          • 4 Year 3 Assessment Tests, one for each term

          BlitzIt Mathematics is unlike other methods for learning number facts, because:

          • there is no rote learning
          • everything is organised for easy implementation
          • this is more than just another workbook, more than an online fun and games program
          • we have developed a complete integrated system to assist every child in mastering the thinking strategies that are the foundation of true mathematical thinking and understanding
          • we back our product with our 100% money-back guarantee (other educational publishers don't offer this): if you are not delighted within 28 days of your order, we will refund your purchase in full [terms & conditions

            Digital version licensing:

            Note that these products are licensed for the 2022 school year, and may not be used in any form after 31 December 2022. A license must be purchased for each student.


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            Free complimentary copy

            [Available to schools only] Click this link to request a 100% free evaluation copy of one of the Radar Books:

            Request a free evaluation copy Radar Book

            Video: Introducing the presenters!

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            You can join this group to ask questions, contact the publisher (us) or discuss the product with other teachers.

            Never heard of BlitzIt Mathematics?

            That's not really surprising: this is the first time this set of resources has been offered, anywhere.

            We don't sell through third parties, so this is the only place where you can get your hands on this new resource.

            We have been creating world-class resources for teaching mathematics since 1998, and they are being used in every Australia state and territory, and overseas.

            This is our biggest project to date, and one we are really excited to tell you about.

            What IS BlitzIt Mathematics?

            Simply put, BlitzIt Maths is an integrated system organised into a whole-year program, comprising printed student workbooks and online digital resources.

            The Radar Books (3 and 4) are the first stage of BlitzIt Maths, and are focused exclusively on the teaching of mental mathematics skills, including all the number facts which students are required to memorise.