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Professor Pete's Mathematics Resources SCHOOL Membership (12 months) - Professor Pete's Classroom

Professor Pete's Mathematics Resources SCHOOL Membership (12 months)

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Purchase a school license for Resources + Gadgets software to give all staff access to our entire library of resources for 12 months.

We will assign each teacher their own account with a unique username and password, which can we can update for you if staffing changes.

This product is priced for schools with 4 or more teachers. Select the appropriate number of teachers to access discount pricing for your school.

N.B. Important note regarding school licenses:

We price our school licenses with the aim of making them affordable and reasonable for schools of different sizes:

  • 4-8 teachers
  • 9-15 teachers
  • more than 15 teachers

We do not charge for teacher aides or other non-teaching staff to use the resources and software.

The particular license chosen should match the number of teachers employed by the school on that campus, not just those who will use the resources (including software) with their students. 

Thank you for supporting our small Australian business, and for recognising that we depend on purchases such as yours to continue to produce quality resources for teaching mathematics.

Please contact if you have any questions about licenses.


K-6 teachers: save hours of your own time preparing resources for the next day's mathematics teaching!

But we know you don't want time-wasting "busywork" worksheets. Our resources are designed from the ground up to develop understanding of math, to produce better scores and higher levels of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Resources include:

  • ALL Year 1-6 Pretests (normal school bundle price $199.00)
  • ALL Think Bubble Mathematics Levels F-6 (normal bundle price $299.00)
  • teaching strategy white papers
  • lesson plans
  • worksheets
  • games
  • assessment tests
  • Professor Pete's Gadgets interactive software

All resources are easily downloaded as PDF files for colour or B&W printing as needed.

Professor Pete's Gadgets are 12 interactive teaching tools which work on any platform, require no installation and support students' construction of understanding of fractions, base ten numbers, number facts and more.