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Professor Pete's Mathematics Resources TEACHER Membership (12 months) - Professor Pete's Classroom

Professor Pete's Mathematics Resources TEACHER Membership (12 months)

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K-6 teachers: save hours of your own time preparing resources for the next day's mathematics teaching!

But we know you don't want time-wasting "busywork" worksheets. Our resources are designed from the ground up to develop understanding of math, to produce better scores and higher levels of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Resources include:

  • ALL Year 1-6 Pretests (normal bundle price $89.95)
  • ALL Think Bubble Mathematics Levels F-6 (normal bundle price $99)
  • teaching strategy white papers
  • lesson plans
  • worksheets: over 9,650 pages
  • games
  • assessment tests
  • Professor Pete's Gadgets: 12 interactive teaching tools which work on any platform, require no installation and support students' construction of understanding of fractions, base ten numbers, number facts and more

All resources (other than Gadgets software) are easily downloaded as PDF files for colour or B&W printing as needed.

Best deal: Shareable Team Licenses [Terms]
Save money with a team license!

Pay one low price to sharer a single license with up to 2 teaching colleagues, or a whole year level teaching team. All members must teach on a single campus.

After purchase, we will contact the purchaser to request extra names and email addresses to set up separate accounts.


There are two alternative teacher licenses available:

  1. Individual Teacher License for one teacher. Resources may not be shared.
  2. Shareable Team License for 2-3 teachers (different grades / years) or unlimited teachers in a grade/year teaching team on a single campus.