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Foundation Level Australian Maths Readiness Assessment 2022 - single teacher 'A'

Foundation Level Australian Maths Readiness Assessment 2022 - single teacher 'A'

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These readiness assessment eBooks include everything you need to assess Australian students' maths abilities at the start of the year, for students entering Foundation level. 

  • Now available: parallel versions 'A' and 'B' of each test to track students' progress
  • Each Readiness Test includes:
  • 20 questions in 2 Parts to assess readiness to start learning at Foundation level:
    • Counting forward & backward
    • "Show me this number"
    • "Which is larger?"
    • "Clap 8 times"
    • "Count along this number line"
    • "Which number is missing?"
    • etc
  • All instructions for one-on-one interview by teacher or teacher aide
  • Prompt cards matching questions
  • Full instructions for tester, including assessment rubrics
  • Content is expertly aligned for readiness to start a program at Foundation level, as per the Australian Curriculum
  • Answer key includes hyperlinks to supporting resources for each question
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Downloadable 19-page digital eBook for instant access 
  • NEW!! Digital markbook to record and analyse students' results 

License options 

Select the preferred license for your situation:

  • Single teacher 'A' - one test for use by ONE teacher. Sharing not permitted.
  • Single teacher 'A' & 'B' - two parallel tests for use by ONE teacher. Sharing not permitted.
  • Year-level team 'A' & 'B' - two parallel tests for use by multiple teachers on one campus. Sharing off campus not permitted.

'A' and 'B' version tests
All Pretests are produced as two parallel tests to allow teachers to assess students' learning over time. Version 'B' tests are optional, available as a separate purchase.

Recommended use

  • Week 1 - administer test 'A', enter results into Digital Markbook
  • Weeks 2-4 - use test results to target remedial teaching to address areas where students had difficulties
  • Week 5 - administer test 'B', enter results into Digital Markbook
  • Use the Digital Markbook's automatically calculated 'Improvement Score' for each student to collect data and report on students' progress 

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Product delivery: these readiness tests are PDF format eBooks plus digital spreadsheet which you will need to download via links which we will email to you. You will need a PDF reader app (such as Adobe Reader) and a spreadsheet app (Excel etc) to open and use the files.