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Our Guarantee: Terms & Conditions


We appreciate that you have many options for resources to use in your classroom. We never take our customers for granted, and we want each one to be delighted with their purchases from our store.

Most publishers won't offer a guarantee on their products, digital or physical. We decided to be different.

Our guarantee to you:

We want you to be delighted in whatever resources you purchase from our store, within the specified timeframe, or we will refund your product purchase in full.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Our guarantee is offered to the original purchaser only and is not transferable to another person or entity.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, our guarantee is available until midnight on the 14th day after the purchase date.
  3. Claims must be made by email to; we will confirm by return email if a refund is approved or not. Customers requesting a refund on physical goods must await our response before returning those goods; our return email will specify the address to which returns must be shipped.
  4. Our guarantee covers the cost of the purchased product only. Shipping costs (both the original shipping from our warehouse and any shipping on returned goods) are not refundable.
  5. Claims made after the applicable timeframe will be considered on their merits; we reserve the right to refuse a claim for a refund made after the specified timeframe, at our discretion.
  6. Physical products: refunds on products such as BlitzIt Mathematics, which include physical goods which are shipped to the customer's address, are offered on unused goods only, which have been returned to our address and are undamaged and able to be resold by us.
  7. Refunds on returned, unused physical goods will be processed after we have inspected the returned items.
  8. A purchaser who has received a refund agrees (after returning physical products as above) to delete or destroy every copy of the purchased product, including printed, scanned or photocopied versions, and agrees not to use that product after the date of refund with students or in any other way, or to allow another person or entity access to the purchased product in any form.
  9. BlitzIt Mathematics digital versions: Downloaded files include a small "watermark" identifying the original purchaser and the license expiry date (generally 31 December of the year of purchase). All copies of the download file, whether in hard copy or digital format, must be discarded or archived and all use by teachers or students must cease. Use beyond the stated expiry date requires purchase of a fresh copy of the resource.
  10. Digital resources may be printed for the students of the purchaser only' In the case of a shareable license this is extended to included those teachers listed in our records as included in such a license.

Questions or concerns: email our support team at