Think Bubble Mathematics: SCHOOL Bundle (all levels F-6)

Think Bubble Mathematics: SCHOOL Bundle (all levels F-6)

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Teachers at your school can have access to ALL seven levels of Think Bubble Math resources and save you hundreds of dollars on separate purchases!

This THINK BUBBLE MATHEMATICS bundle comprises every component in this series: 35 Modules containing 140 carefully sequenced lessons using animated PowerPoint slides.

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Note that this bundle is licensed to the original school purchaser, for use with all enrolled students, for life, and may not be copied or shared with other schools or teachers.

What is Think Bubble Mathematics?

This set of interactive resources uses PowerPoint to present animated text, images and graphics to engage students and to support active, individual construction of visual models for the mathematics they are learning.

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Think Bubble Mathematics resources are included at no extra cost in your annual membership, for unlimited use with your students.

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What is included?

  • Modules (weekly topics) for Foundation level:
    • Module 1: Counting to and from 20
    • Module 2: Numbers to 10: Names, Numerals and Materials
    • Module 3: Recognising Shapes & Patterning
    • Module 4: More Than, Less Than, Ordinal Numbers
    • Module 5: Addition & Subtraction
  • Modules for Year 1:
    • Module 1: Introduction to Numbers 11-19
    • Module 2: Addition & Subtraction "Count on" Strategies
    • Module 3: Addition & Subtraction "Fact Families"
    • Module 4: Addition & Subtraction "Build to 10" Strategies
    • Module 5: Introduction to Place Value - Tens & Ones
  • Modules for Year 2:
    • Module 1: Regrouping with Tens and Ones
    • Module 2: Hundreds Place Expanded
    • Module 3: Doubling and Halving to 20
    • Module 4: Hundreds on a Number Line
    • Module 5: Bridging Ten on Open Number Lines
  • Modules for Year 3:
    • Module 1: Addition Facts I Strategies
    • Module 2: Addition Facts II Strategies
    • Module 3: Addition Facts III Strategies
    • Module 4: Regrouping Hundreds, Tens and Ones
    • Module 5: Fractions: Identify, Read and Write
    • Three Practice Sets for Addition Fact Recall
  • Modules for Year 4:
    • Module 1: Multiplication Facts Strategies I
    • Module 2: Multiplication Facts Strategies II
    • Module 3: Multiplication Facts Strategies III
    • Module 4: Equivalent Fractions Introduced
    • Module 5: Tenths as Decimals
    • Three Practice Sets for Multiplication Fact Recall
  • Modules for Year 5:
    • Module 1: Doubling, Halving 2 Digit Numbers Mentally
    • Module 2: Tenths and Hundredths
    • Module 3: Rounding and Estimating
    • Module 4: Compare and Order Common Fractions
    • Module 5: Factors and Multiples
  • Modules for Year 6:
    • Module 1: Multiply and Divide by 10, 100,1000
    • Module 2: Integers: Positive and Negative
    • Module 3: Doubling, Halving 3 Digit Numbers Mentally
    • Module 4: Fraction Comparison and Conversions
    • Module 5: Percent: Conversion and Discount
  • Each Module includes 4 Lessons, carefully sequenced to develop understanding
  • Each lesson comprises 30+ slides which present animated mini-lessons to engage students' attention and to support their learning
  • Supporting worksheets for each Level

Why Choose Think Bubble Mathematics?

  • Self-contained modules include daily mini-lessons for at least 5 weeks
  • Works "out of the box" on any desktop, laptop or tablet with Microsoft PowerPoint installed
  • Most computers support PowerPoint files without any extra software required
  • Expert advice for teachers included to guide instruction
  • Interactive design allows the teacher to control the speed of delivery, and instantly rewind a step to re-watch it
  • Easy navigation so you always know where you are up to
  • No rote learning
  • No mindless practice of routines
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

    Product delivery: Think Bubble Mathematics is created as PowerPoint files which you will need to download via links which we will email to you. You will need Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your device to access the files.

    Extra bonus worksheets are included, in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader or similar software to open the PDF file.